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      "He asked if he might write to me, and I told him no," Allegra said, rather dolefully, one morning, as they sat a little way from the well, Allegra engaged in painting a brown-skinned peasant girl of ten years old, whom she had met carrying olives the night before, and had forthwith engaged as a model. "I said it would never do for us to begin the folly of engaged lovers, who write to each other about nothing, sometimes twice a day. He has been wonderfully obedient: yet I think he ought to have written once or twice in two months. He ought to have known that though I told him not to write, I should be very anxious to hear from him."

      She looked from her husband to Captain Hulbert pleadingly. The latter was first to answer.

      And then he began to talk of ways and means, as if they were going to be married next week.She did not ask because she herself could do these things, but because she wanted to know more about this grand young lady who was a daughter of the gods, whose hair was like spun silk, and whose portrait was in the shop windows.

      Reach me that Society Chatteryes, the paper on the chair.

      Norman sat up in his eagerness to explain.

      Lord Norman Druce, The Manor, Oakfield.



      "Thank God!" he said, drawing a deep breath. "There have been momentsjust of latewhen I have puzzled my brains about youuntil I thought" very slowly, "there might have been something else."The lady who stood at the door in white velvet?


      Look here, boys; I let you come up here that you may see Ralda herself and learn from her own lips that she is going of her own free will. Shes come into a slice of luck. He did not mention the amount for the simple reason that he felt it would destroy all credence in the minds of his audience, and make them suspect that he was tricking them. Her people have turned up, andshes got to go. I guess Three Star isnt going to stand in the way of her good fortune.He turned from the corpse to ask for Bergan, and was surprised to learn that nothing was known of him at the Hall since he had retired to his room just before day-break, further than that Doctor Gerrish had mentioned meeting him at Oakstead. However, being informed that two men had inquired for him, and been sent to meet him, he took it for granted that some unexpected emergency had compelled him to hasten back to Savalla, at a moment's notice; he would be sure to return by afternoon, or send some explanation of his absence.